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Rootzone Soil

Rootzone Soil

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Our Root Zone soil blend comprises a mixture of sandy and loam components, specifically designed for completing turfing or seeding projects. It consists of a finely textured sandy loam topsoil with organic content, offering a loose consistency and granular structure. This soil exhibits excellent surface drainage and has a low water holding capacity.

It adheres to the Multipurpose Grade outlined in the British Standard for Topsoil (BS 3882:2015). This makes it an ideal choice for preparing areas before turfing. Our installation team exclusively utilizes this soil, underscoring its suitability for turfing applications.

Rest assured, our soils contain no recycled materials or by-products, ensuring the quality and purity of the soil mix.

  • 1 bulk bag covers approximately 18 sq m at a depth of 25mm
  • Contains no recycled materials
  • You should only use our Root Zone Soil to a maximum depth of 2-3″
  • Screened to 20mm
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